THE mDignum vision

Bring new medical technologies to doctors and hospitals without upfront capital investments

  • Cure more people
  • Save more lives
  • Develop new tech
  • Repeat

Why did we create MDignum?

We want to develop a healthcare ecosystem that enables professionals to obtain novel treatment and diagnostic devices and software at no up-front cost.

How does it work?

MDignum is introducing a Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) model, wherein physicians pay for use of devices rather than ownership. Different business models — subscription, pay-as-you-go, pay-per-use— can be implemented to suit depending on the specific needs of the customer. All devices in the ecosystem serve as income streams for manufacturers, and sales of new or upgraded devices become frictionless.

What’s the Benefit?

Benefit Image
Healthcare organizations

New device acquisition will no longer be budget-constrained, allowing large hospitals, small clinics and private practitioners alike to upgrade their treatment and diagnostic capabilities without capital risk.


Better healthcare outcomes due to faster adoption of novel diagnostic and treatment methods by providers. Pricing for high-tech medical services becomes simplified, transparent and hence more affordable.

Benefit Image
Benefit Image
Vendors and manufacturers

Streamlined sales, lowered customer resistance, greater market penetration.


Ecosystem Icon

The MDignum ecosystem includes all parties involved in the life cycle of a medical device:

  • Manufacturers
  • Vendors
  • Healthcare providers
  • Leasing companies
  • Insurance companies
  • MIS / EHR Providers
  • Charities and Regulators
Ecosystem Icon

The platform supports all kinds of relations between parties:

  • Distributed multi-party purchase contracts
  • SLA monitoring and fulfilment
  • Medical device and spare part traceability
  • Compliance management
  • MRO contracts & procedures
  • Usage tracking


  • telemedconsultant
  • feanor
  • onkomonitor
  • edelweiss
  • onkoprofilaktika
  • telemedsoft

Pilot projects

Before offering this new business solution to all medical device manufacturers, we will pilot it with two devices from our partners. They have both passed clinical trials and have successfully sold on markets. Our platform will allow them to benefit a greater number of patients all over the world.


The device for
nitric oxide therapy

  • Applicable to a wide range of pathologies

  • Comfortable and painless

  • Clinically evaluated

    10,000+ patients treated
  • Based on fundamental science

    Nobel prize 1998
  • Generates nitric oxide from the air

    No consumables
  • Approved for use in Europe

Read the PDF


  • Convenient for both patients and doctors

    No contact with the cornea - no risk of infection or scratching
  • Can be used by Primary Care Physicians

    Early glaucoma diagnosis through mass screening
  • Equipped with Bluetooth and IOT sensors

    Simplified integration with EMR systems and remote diagnostic devices
  • Former model has FDA 510(k) approval and CE mark

    Simplified approval for the new model
Read the PDF

Our Team

The members of our core team at MDignum have years of experience working in Fin-Tech. This, cecombined with capable engineers and knowledgeable medical advisory boards, guarantees that we are fit for the market and capable of quick and effective forward development.

Boris Shmarkovskiy
Boris Shmarkovskiy

Mr. Shmarkovskiy has over 30 years of experience in the IT business. He began his career as an engineer, researcher, and developer of classified instruments for naval reconnaissance and is the owner of two patents for technical inventions. In 1995 Mr. Shmarkovskiy moved to the IT industry and has since worked for prominent financial and telecom organizations. He has held the positions of CIO and CTO at several banks (MENATEP, NIKoil/Uralsib, ROSBANK) and has extensive experience in product management, project management, and large-scale team operations.

Mr. Shmarkovskiy helps with the development of sophisticated FinTech software including complex banking systems, payment protocols, scoring systems, and electronic documentation. This work includes both back and front-end development and includes mobility. Mr. Shmarkovskiy is distinguished by his strong business development skills and is a committed supporter of blockchain technology and decentralization. He has brought his engineering and FinTech expertise to the fields of MedTech and healthcare with the goal of making healthcare more accessible and effective.

Tim Higenbottam
Tim Higenbottam, DSc, MD, MA, FRCP, PFPM
Chief Medical Director (Pharmacology)

A recognized expert in Respiratory and Allergy Medicine, a Senior Pharmaceutical Physician, Teacher/Examiner and Certificate holder in Company Direction. Introduced transbronchial biopsy in Lung Transplant and Discoverer of the first treatments that extended life in Primary Pulmonary Hypertension (intravenous Prostacyclin and inhaled Nitric Oxide) whilst in Cambridge.

He was then Professor of Medicine at Sheffield University, Senior Principal Scientist in AstraZeneca, Director of Corporate Clinical Development in Chiesi and R&D Director in Allergy Therapeutics plc. Gained approvals for NEXThaler® DPI for Asthma, FOSTAIR® for COPD and Bramitob in the USA, Clinical creator of the Trimbow® first triple combination inhaler for COPD.

First demonstration of the curvilinear dose response curve for Allergen Specific Immunotherapy.

Vitaly Musailov
Vitaly Musailov, PhD. MD
Chief Medical Director (Surgery)

Dr. Musailov has over 20 years of experience performing surgeries. He is a member of The Russian Society of Surgeons and Russian Society of Endoscopic Surgeons.

From 2006-2007, Dr. Musailov worked with the United Nations Peacekeeping Corps. assisting in humanitarian efforts made in Sudan.

Dr. Musailov avidly supports and adopts new developments in medical practices including nitric oxide treatment, plasma surgery and helium-neon laser treatment.

Dr. Musailov’s clinical areas of interest are: laparoscopic surgery, abdominal surgery, and plastic surgery. He is an acclaimed researcher with 4 monographs and over 120 articles published, including publications on and

Marcel Henry
Marcel Henry
VP Business Development

Mr. Marcel Henry is a vastly experienced senior executive with almost three decades of leadership experience in global technology including pioneering work in the design and development of Corporate ICT capabilities that support Microsoft’s global expansion. Mr. Henry is a technologist with a passion for innovation in mobile communications. He was President of CivicConnect EMEA and Chief Mobility Officer with CivicConnect when the company he founded, In-Trip Travel Technologies (i3T), merged with CivicConnect.

Prior to that, Mr. Henry worked at a number of high-profile technology firms devising early stage business development, product strategy, design, product development, and deployment. Starting out in the National Physical Laboratories in Teddington, UK, he worked on a broad range of projects including hydrodynamics for British Navy nuclear submarines, aerodynamics for F1 racing cars, and the design of market leading golf balls. Subsequently, he worked for the Royal Mail leading their London wide advanced technology support service before commencing a successful career with Microsoft. With Microsoft, he led teams that designed and deployed communications networks It is the work of these teams that made the saying “the sun never sets on the Microsoft network” into a reality. As the first ICT employee outside of Microsoft’s Redmond HQ, Mr. Henry was instrumental in bringing Microsoft’s widely admired Building 11 (ICT) services to the EMEA region. Later at Microsoft he led teams in Data Centre Design and Operations and the EMEA Helpdesk, Dublin’s first Metropolitan Area Network which at the time was the worlds most advanced computer network outside North America and Japan. After this, Mr. Henry shifted his focus from technology to business and led the Project Management Group, composed of world-class project managers, in the design and implementation of critical developer community programs such as MSDN where Email, web, contact centre operations, product distribution and subscription management work were combined for the first time, forming the key component of Microsoft’s well regarded developer solutions.

Mr Henry is a qualified Marine Radio Officer and telecommunications engineer and an alumni of the worldfamous Atlantic College in Dublin. He has also completed course in Microcomputer Technology sponsored by the Government of Ireland, and made the move from analogue to digital electronics at the advent of the PC computing revolution.

Luke Rogers
Luke Rogers
VP Product Strategy

Mr. Rogers day-to-day responsibilities include: Business Development, Product Strategy and Finance.

Mr. Rogers graduated from the Queensland University of Technology (Australia) with degrees in Science and Business Management, majoring in Operations Management and Human Resources.

Previously, Mr. Rogers held a variety of positions in the logistics, software, defense and event management industries. He earned a masters degree in Health Economics from Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona Business School).

Geoff Cable
Geoff Cable
VP Marketing

Mr. Cable is responsive for MDignum commercial strategy and marketing activities.

Previously, Mr. Cable has worked in various roles in the business intelligence and strategic events industry since 2000.

Mr. Cable graduated from the University of Sydney, Australia with a degree in Economics, with majoring in marketing and economics.

Mr. Cable has been based in Bratislava, Slovak Republic since 2004, and has worked and lived in Prague and London.

Vladimir Soloviev
Professor Vladimir Soloviev
VP Product (AI, ML, IoT)

Doctor of Economics and Professor. Chair of the Department of Data Analysis, Decision Making and Financial Technology at the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation. Chairman of the Dissertation Committee for the program "Mathematical and Instrumental Methods in Economics". Graduate of the Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics Department at Lomonosov Moscow state University, as well as the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO.

Dr. Soloviev is a specialist in applied machine learning, data processing, internet of things, and economic game theory. He was fundamental in the academic work behind the economy of the Russian IT market. He has published more than 200 papers in professional and scientific journals both within Russia and abroad (including Austria, Germany, Spain, China, USA, and other countries).

Dr. Soloviev is a federally recognized expert in the STEM field. He received the Financial University Rector's Prize and the Professor B. L. Ovsievich Memorial Prize, as well as the CEEMAN Champion Award 2016. He is a four-time recipient of the Project of the Year Award, which is given by the Official Society of Russian IT Directors, GlobalCIO.

Stanislav Makarov
Stanislav Makarov
Chief Analytics Officer

Mr. Makarov graduated from the prominent Bauman Moscow State Technical University, where Plason was developed, with a degree in Engineering and Computer Science. His most recent area of expertise is IoT and MedTech. Before joining MDignum, Mr. Makarov was a business analyst with over 20 years of experience in the software industry, focusing on enterprise content management (ECM) solutions. He has expertise in Document Management (DM), Knowledge Management (KM), Records Management (RM), Business Process Management (BPM), and Documents Imaging & Capture technologies.

Mr. Makarov is a specialist in communications, knowledge transfer, analysis of functional requirements, and system architecture. He is a specialist in communicating between the mediums of “business language” and “technical language”.

Mr. Makarov is the author of many publications devoted to artificial intelligence, big data, business process management, cloud computing, mobility, blockchain, and MedTech.

Ilya Kurilin
Ilya Kurilin

15+ years of experience managing mobile and internet projects, founder and CEO of Octopod Ltd

Mr. Kurilin has extensive management experience in the fields of IT, Internet and mobile technologies, and was part of an entrepreneurial team that launched a mobile TV project which has since accumulated over 7 million users.

He is passionate about developing affordable mobile operating systems and, expanding existing approaches to app development, by creating a powerful mobile app development platform for cross-platform, highly native mobile apps.

Mr. Kurilin specializes in software development, business development, marketing and sales, community support and technical support.

Dmitry Rokityanskiy
Dr. Dmitry Rokityanskiy
VP Sales

Founder & CEO of Daclouds
Google partner & investment from 1C
8+ years experience in R&D (awards from the US NSF, UK Royal Society )
Senior Risk Manager at MMC and RBS ($6B+ M&A and IPO deals)
CMO at GlobalLab (arranged $4M VC investment)
MBA & PhD in Applied Math

Anastasia Ma
Anastasia Ma
Dev Ops

Ms. Ma is a highly skilled DevOps engineer with years of experience in Agile Testing, PostgreSQL, Bamboo, and Bash, as well as configurations management (Puppet, Ansible, Chef). During our previous work with Anastasia Ma, our deployment time for critical agile project infrastructure was reduced from approximately 1 month to only 2 days. Ms. Ma has 5+ years of hands-on experience supporting, automating, and optimizing mission critical deployments in AWS, leveraging configuration management, CI/CD, DevOps processes and code deployment using Octopus Deploy and PowerShell.

Ms. Ma has improved developers’ workflow and helped scalability and speed optimization by building Docker containers to break monolithic apps down into microservices.

Engineering Advisors

Aleksandr Pekshev
Aleksandr Pekshev
PhD in Technology

Dr. Pekshev holds a PhD in Technology and is the author of over 100 papers on low-temperature plasma physics and technology.

Dr. Pekshev was a 2003 laureate of the tate Prize of the Russian Federation in Science and Technology.

Dr. Pekshev has been behind numerous inventions used in medical devices that treat patients cold plasma and nitric-

oxide. His key product is the Plason plasma scalpel and coagulator, which has been acclaimed by medical professionals in general and inflectional surgery, ophthalmology, oncology, gastroenterology, otolaryngology, traumatology and orthopedy, gynecology, pulmonology and phthisiatry.

Nikolay Sharapov
Nikolay Sharapov
PhD in Technology

Dr. Sharapov is one of the key developers of the Plason plasma scalpel – coagulator, which has been acclaimed by medical professionals in general and inflectional surgery, ophthalmology, oncology, gastroenterology, otolaryngology, traumatology and orthopedy, gynecology, pulmonology and phthisiatry.

Andrey Vagapov
Andrey Vagapov

Mr. Vagapov is one of the key developers of the Plason plasma scalpel and coagulator, which has been acclaimed by medical professionals in general and inflectional surgery, ophthalmology, oncology, gastroenterology, otolaryngology, traumatology and orthopedy, gynecology, pulmonology and phthisiatry.


Medical Advisors

Victor Egorov
Victor Egorov, PhD. MD

Professor Egorov heads the chair of otolaryngology, as well as the clinical department of otolaryngology, at the Moscow Regional Research and Clinical Institute

Professor Egorov is the President of the Russian Honored Doctors Association. He also is a member of the presidium board of the Russian Society of Otorhinolaryngologists, chairman of Scientific and Practical Society of Otorhinolaryngologists of the Moscow Region and is an expert at the National Medical Association of Otorhinolaryngology.

Professor Egorov is an outstanding researcher. His 40-year clinical and teaching career resulted in over 350 articles, 4 monographs, 5 medical training manuals, and 3 patents.

Professor Egorov is a highly qualified practicing surgeon. His surgical practice includes hearing restoration methods (including cochlear implantation), as well as minimally invasive and reconstructive surgeries on all ENT organs.

Ayrat Khanov
Professor Ayrat Khanov, PhD. MD

Professor Khanov holds the degree of Doctor of Medical Sciences, is CEO of “Telemedsoft” LLC, and sits on the board of directors for “Alpha Clinic”.

In 2001 Professor Khanov founded the world’s first specialized prophylactic clinic for oncological conditions. Since its founding, the clinic has succeeded in improving prophylactic treatments and raising the success rate of early-stage cancer diagnosis to 88%.

Professor Khanov co-authored the textbook “Oncology”, as well as an oncological atlas and other educational materials on oncology. He has published over 150 articles and scientific papers.

Professor Khanov received the Bashkir Republic State Prize in Science and Technology and is a member of the Presidium of the Russian Physicians’ Society.

Professor Khanov has been involved in the development and implementation of telemedicine systems as part of his mission to improve cancer prophylaxis. His work also involves the development of cloud technologies in the field of medicine. He is currently the CEO of “Telemedisoft” LLC.

German Golubovskiy
German Golubovskiy, PhD. MD

Dr. Golubovskiy is an otolaryngologist bearing the highest category of medical certification offered in the Russian Federation. He has published over 50 scholarly articles, is the owner of 6 patents, and has presented at numerous professional conferences.

Over the course of his career, Dr. Golubovskiy has mastered all accepted otolaryngological examination methods and has performed most types of surgical interventions for ear, nose, and throat conditions in children and adults.

He has performed 680 operations on children and adults over the past 3 years, implementing state-of-the-art methods with cutting-edge technology, including laser treatments, electrosurgery, cold plasma, endoscopic interventions, and microsurgical interventions.

In 2007 he successfully defended his thesis, entitled "Exogenous nitric oxide in combination therapy for treatment of patients with inflammatory conditions and damage in the upper respiratory tract".

It was in this research that exogenous nitric oxide was first used in the treatment of upper respiratory conditions. Dr. Golubovskiy's results, based on the treatment of 553 patients, definitively demonstrated the effectiveness of exogenous nitric oxide in the treatment of many inflammatory conditions.

Michael Topchiev
Professor Michael Topchiev, PhD. MD

Professor Topichev, PhD is a gastroenterology surgeon bearing the highest category of qualification in the Russian Federation. He has successfully developed new surgical practices in gastroenterology and his surgeries have been noted for their adaptability and innovation.

Professor Topichev, bears the status of Distinguished Physician of the in Russian Federation. He has authored 120 scholarly articles and is the owner of 11 surgical patents, many of which have been implemented in general surgical practice.

Professor Topichev holds a chair at Astrakhan State Medical University

and is also Chair of the Educational and Clinical Center for New Technologies.

Professor Topichev is a full member of the Russian Society of Surgeons and Russian Society of Endoscopic Surgeons.

He is committed to palliative medicine and devoted to improving the quality of life for patients in palliative care.

Vladimir Melnikov
Professor Vladimir Melnikov, PhD. MD

Professor Melnikov is a surgeon bearing the highest category of qualification issued in the Russian Federation. His professional experience spans 24 years and he is the author of 125 scholarly articles and 7 medical methodology books.

Professor Melnikov chairs the Office of General Surgery with postgraduate courses at Astrakhan State Medical University.

Professor Melnikov is a full member of the Russian Society of Surgeons, Association of general surgeons of Russia and Russian Society of Lymphology.

Professor Melnikov conducted his PhD thesis research on the study of infected wound processes and on the treatment of infected wounds using complex techniques. He has developed unique algorithms for diagnosing the severity of infected wounds, including post-injection purulent-inflammatory complications in patients suffering from opioid addiction.

Dmitry Parshin
Associate Professor Dmitry Parshin, PhD. MD

Dr. Parshin is a surgeon bearing the highest category of qualification issued in the Russian Federation. His professional experience spans 24 years and he is the author of 120 scholarly articles and owner of 5 surgical patents.

He bears the office of Associate Professor with postgraduate courses at Astrakhan State Medical University.

Dr. Parshin is a full member of the Russian Society of Surgeons, the Russian Society of Endoscopic Surgeons, and Hernia Scholars of Russia.

Dr. Parshin has devoted his career to the treatment of complex medical conditions such as peritonitis, septic wounds, diabetic foot syndrome, and pancreatitis. He utilizes innovative methods for diagnosis and treatment, including endoscopic methods, exogenous NO treatment, and combination methods.





A wide variety of high-tech medical devices are currently on the market. Any of them can be transformed into digitalized devices and connected to the MDignum platform.

• Qualification. At this stage, a pool of candidate devices is selected. One of the key qualifying criteria is innovation. Specifically, the device needs to perform promising diagnostic or treatment functions that have already passed clinical trials, but have not yet been put into common practice.

• Creating the digital extension. A necessary stage in which engineers adapt a standard digitalization module to a given device model. This may require modifying the device’s construction.

• Platform integration. This stage includes the development of cloud services, smart contracts, protocols, and a mobile app — all of the software required to integrate devices with the platform.

• Launch of new business model. This stage involves the development of marketing and legal materials to support new digital business processes, such as device sales for tokens or leasing.



Bringing FinTech into Healthcare. We create and implement new business models based on the principles of blockchain and tokenomics. This will streamline and increase the transparency of financial interactions throughout the entire healthcare ecosystem.


Social responsibility. We believe that our projects, such as simplified early glaucoma screening and nitric oxide therapy for wound healing, will improve the quality of life for millions of people.


Holistic engineering approach. Many years in medical hardware design and production plus experience in IoT and digital technologies are the key to our success in making innovative devices.


FDA/CE certification experience. We have gone through the certification process for previous device models and understand how to minimize bureaucratic friction on the way to U.S. and European customers.


Strong software development. Our comprehensive portfolio includes apps created for insurance, banking, retail, and other industries. This cross-industry experience will be essential for proper ecosystem integration.


Focus on innovative products and solutions. Our focus on innovation promises outstanding scalability and robust cash flow.